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  • Take it to the heart: The mitzvah of waving lulav – explained by the Rebbe:
    “And may it be that each and every one of us, among all the Jewish people, will be granted an opportunity to fulfill all of his deeds in the manner of four species. For this is an encompassing mitzvah – and so are all the ideas of the month of Tishrey, “the encompassing…Read More

  • What are your kids going to do on Shabbat? It’s a good idea to plan your family Shabbat activities during the week. “Set aside a small closet or drawer for favotite books and games to be used only on Shabbos”, says Rachel Rosemarin, author of “Raisins and Almonds: Practical Advice for Sensitive Parenting”. This can be the “Oneg Shabbos Cor…Read More

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  • Let us try to make our children aware that we love them with ahavas chinam - unconditional love that does not depend on specific behavior. This kind of love has the power to arouse the child's desire to improve and correct her behavior. ...Encouragement is expressed not only in words but mainly in facial expressions. Look at your child with a direct, warm, and content gaze, nod your head to show your agreement, and let your demeanor express sincere appreciation.

    From the book "Raisins and almonds" by Rachel Rosemarin

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  • 11 Days in the Omer – “Netzach of Gevurah”
    Do kids always want to hear “Yes” from their parents? Not at all! Children need boundaries and limits to feel secure. Every kid actually wants his parents to say “no” from time to time – particularly when you say it definitely and yet gently: “I’m sorry honey: no more…Read More

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  • Today: Ten Days, which are One Week and Three Days of the Omer
    Week two of Counting the Omer is about mastering the quality of Gevurah – discipline and restraint. All parents know that children like to test family boundaries from time to time. Telling your kid “no” seems to be one of the easiest forms of setting…Read More

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  • We combine vitamins with jelly, sweeten up medicines with syrup, rewards kids with candies and gifts. Visible reward make it easier to go through a daunting task.
    But what about seriously boring tasks and chores – something a child can’t even start doing? To make them seem like a breeze try pairing them with playtime.
    • Sort the laundry while p…Read More

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