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  • Do you want your child to read more? Learn Tehillim? Remember to put a coin into a tzedakah box every morning? How do you motivate kids to “laalot bakodesh” – to continue to grow without nagging and constant reminders? Surprisingly, you might find the answer to this question in the Rebbe’s talk on the weekly Torah chapter “Beha’alotecha”.

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    When (parents) bring to the kids’ room a book of Torah, a Siddur, a charity box and so forth, they need to put them in such a place and in such a way that afterwards the children won’t be dependent on them to use these items. And also, in a way that the children themselves will be able to use them freely and naturally, without any special reason or trigger. So, the moment a child enters his room the Torah book “rises before his eyes” and invites him to read and learn it. And the same way - the Siddur, as well as the charity box. It should be put in such a place and in such a noticeable manner that it will inspire the child to put a coin into the box - on his own initiative...

    Free translation. See more in the original talk in Hebrew, “Dvar Malchut”, chapter “Beha'alotecha”.

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  • When mommy and daddy are tired, this mobile app can tell their kids a Chassidic story before sleep. New bedtime story – every night (in Hebrew).
    Do your kids love to hear stories? Do they help them fall asleep?

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  • Take it to the heart: The mitzvah of waving lulav – explained by the Rebbe:
    “And may it be that each and every one of us, among all the Jewish people, will be granted an opportunity to fulfill all of his deeds in the manner of four species. For this is an encompassing mitzvah – and so are all the ideas of the month of Tishrey, “the encompassing…Read More

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  • What are your kids going to do on Shabbat? It’s a good idea to plan your family Shabbat activities during the week. “Set aside a small closet or drawer for favotite books and games to be used only on Shabbos”, says Rachel Rosemarin, author of “Raisins and Almonds: Practical Advice for Sensitive Parenting”. This can be the “Oneg Shabbos Cor…Read More

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